Wintry Mess Maryland Bound

Rain/snow/sleet all expected

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Here we go again! Another complex storm with many faces will move into Maryland Sunday evening into Monday afternoon. 
A storm developing over the plains and Midwest will continue to promote the development of a coastal low Sunday south of the state. As the storm moves north it will bring a mix of rain, snow, and sleet across the state.
A few wild cards are still being worked out. 1. How strong is the coastal storm 2. When does it move in 3. How much cold air is available.
The March 6 TH BUSTED snow forecast is still a very fresh memory in my mind, which makes forecasting this storm very challenging. So far the similarities with this storm and the March 6th storm are not identical which takes a little of the pressure off.
My first take on this event (will need to be adjusted tomorrow according to how the storm develops)
Sunday morning: Partly cloudy
Sunday afternoon: Mostly cloudy
Sunday evening/night: rain/snow moves north. Southern counties will see snow/rain first, Baltimore metro late evening, and MD/PA line close to 11pm.