Thursday's battle for 80 degrees

Sharp temperature contrast expected

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The Bermuda high that has provided us with record breaking warmth in the Baltimore area will slowly break down starting tomorrow. As this ridge we like to call it in the "biz" moves east, chilly air located to the north will start to move south however, the process will be slow.

Tomorrow is expected to be a VERY (let me repeat) VERY challenging forecast determining daytime highs. It's quite possible Cecil county and right along the mason dixon line only get to 70 degrees while Anne Arundel county and Howard county hit 85 ! That's how divided the state will become!

You can already see the cool air punching into central PA. While Baltimore sits in the 80s NYC is at 60 degrees!

State Temps

What do the models show?

A look at our NAM forecast model shows Baltimore city being divided between 75 degrees to the north and 85 degrees to the south. As the backdoor cold front moves south and west the winds will switch off the bay supporting cooler temperatures east of I 95 while west of I 95 and along I 70 remaining a very warm 80 degrees plus!


The RPM ( Rapid Precision Model) agrees!

However, this model says its a bit warmer then shown on the other model above.


So expect areas north and east of Baltimore to stay mild yet NOT as warm as Wednesday. Areas south of I 70 and west of 95 should prepare for another warm day.

Rain and thunderstorms will be apart of the forecast during the evening on Thursday going into Friday mid morning as we break this sudden summer pattern!


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