Space Hurricane Discovered; 20X larger then typical Earth Hurricane

Massive Hurricane found on the planet Saturn

Baltimore, MD -  

Check this out! NASA has located what looks like a hurricane on the planet Saturn's North Pole. The eye of the cyclone is an impressive 1,250 miles across. This would make Saturn's "Hurricane" 20 times larger than the typical eye of a hurricane here on Earth.  Clouds at the outer edge of the storm are whipping around at 330 mph.

NASA's Scientists will be studying the hurricane to gain insight into hurricanes on Earth, which feed off warm ocean water. Although there is no body of water close to these clouds high in Saturn's atmosphere, learning how these Saturnian storms use water vapor could tell scientists more about how terrestrial hurricanes are generated and sustained.

According to, Both a terrestrial hurricane and Saturn's north polar vortex have a central eye with no clouds or very low clouds. Other similar features include high clouds forming an eye wall, other high clouds spiraling around the eye, and a counter-clockwise spin in the northern hemisphere.

"The polar hurricane has nowhere else to go, and that's likely why it's stuck at the pole," said Kunio Sayanagi, a Cassini imaging team associate at Hampton University in Hampton, Va.

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