Joe Flacco better in cold weather!

The stats favor a Joe Flacco, Baltimore Win!

Baltimore, MD - Mike Masco

The great battle in Denver is set to begin Saturday afternoon under Siberian conditions! A brutal blast of cold air will settle over the Mile High City Saturday bringing freezing temperatures and snow showers to the area.

Post season games are played in the dead of winter aside from the warmth of a dome facility. While Payton Manning is a more "experienced" quarterback he is very much vulnerable to the harsh elements of winter.

Post season manning has played 19 career games. He has seen 10 wins and 9 losses overall. The majority of these post season games have been played in temperatures greater then 60 degrees with 7 games being played in the comfort of a 70 degree dome!


Manning has NEVER won a playoff game below 40 degrees which is a startling statistic for the Denver Broncos!