Is Winter Over Already?

Feeling More like Spring....

Baltimore -

It's hard to believe that we are in the final stretch of Winter. Old Phil The Groundhog may have predicted 6 more weeks of Winter but the forecast says otherwise with 35 more days until Spring. After a weekend with temperatures 25 to 30 degrees above average we look to tap into the warmth with highs pumping 70 degrees Thursday. Long range trends continue to hint on the warmth all the way through the end of February for much of the eastern 2/3rds of the country while the cold stays out west. 

We call it "Temperature Whiplash" as February is usually a big transitional weather month all across Maryland. In February we usually see plenty of issues with the "Northern Jetstream" waffling back and forth. The "Northern Jetstream"  not only alters the storm track but is also a big deterrent when it comes to big time winter cold.  Usually when we start to transitions to Spring the jetstream begins it's retreat back to the north. Not too long ago though in December and early January it was way off the south opening the fridge to the "Polar North" north with low pressure locked in around the Great Lakes. Since then that area of low pressure has broken down pushing the jetstream back north allowing Gulf of Mexico and Pacific air to push on in. This has been the trend throughout the middle and end of January into February with 8 days of 60 degree readings. 

The warmth starts back Valentine's Day Wednesday with highs around 50-55 degrees. Most of the day will be similar to year's past with dry and seasonable conditions. Showers though look to approach late with a warm front that looks to jump Thursday's temperatures toward record levels. Friday we hold onto to the 60s before the roller coaster crashes the cold back in here for the weekend ahead with even some snow. Stay tuned as the wild ride continues on when it comes to Maryland weather. 


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