BLOG: Ravens Game Weather in New England

Sunday's AFC Championship Game at Foxboro looks -

Sunday's AFC Championship Game at Foxboro looks like it will be rather cold and windy at this point, with a chance for snow flurries.

Sound familiar?  Well, this Sunday's forecast for the Ravens does have some notable similarities to the game time weather at "Mile High" in Denver last weekend.

Cold, but not *as cold.  We are talking about temps falling from the mid-30's to perhaps the upper 20's at the end of the 4th quarter.  Cold - but not as brutal as "upper teens falling into the single digits" scenario the the Ravens had to face against the Broncos.

However, one aspect of the weather that may well prove more adverse than the that of the mountains could very well be the winds, with a cold front pushing through Sunday night there could be gusts to 30 or even 35mph in Massachusetts, making long field goals and "Hail Mary" passes more daunting that normal.

Lastly, we'll call the "snow threat" even at this point to last weekend - with a just a slight, maybe 20% chance for flurries.  In Denver, the white stuff never fell until the '5th quarter" - and even then, very lightly. 

Stay tuned, we'll refine this article as the forecast warrants.  Go Ravens... (and don't forget to "Follow Me" on my Facebook Page)


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