Tornadoes in January? Could this wacky weather hit us?

Could we get tornadoes?

BALTIMORE - Wild, wacky weather continues today as we flirt with record temperatures. The mercury will soar into the upper 60s to low 70s on this second to last day of January. You may like the warm up but it will be brief but not brief enough to keep the potential for severe weather away.

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A strong line of thunderstorms which has already moved through the mid-section of the country, left plenty of devastation due to high wind and tornadoes. We are next in line for damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and the possibility of flooding. The squall line will march through with a cold front this evening but there will be a few storms that develop ahead of the frontal boundary. Those storms will push in this afternoon.

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The rain will be gone by tomorrow morning but the cold air will work and we may receive light snow by Friday.

The wild weather swing goes on and on and stay tuned!

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