BLOG: Better Late Than Never...

March Madness ( I Don't Mean Basketball)

What a difference a day makes!  One day after a spring snow stormed dumped 3.2 inches at BWI which is the most snow in late March in 10 years, it is like nothing even happened. The sun is out and temps are on the way up through the rest of the week into the weekend with ample sunshine to boot.

March's reputation did not disappoint. Known as a wildcard month, we got a nice taste of winter in spring. It looked like a winter wonderland yesterday and Easter is just a few days away!

I am happy to say that the snow lovers finally got a little piece of winter even if it didn't last that long and came the second week in spring.  As for the spring lovers, all I can say is at least it was a one day event and a nice warming trend is right around the corner. It really was a win/win snow storm!

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