The Blizzard of 1996; 17 Years Ago Today !

Reflecting on the historic blizzard of 1996

Baltimore - Mike Masco

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It is hard to believe we reflect back on the historic blizzard of 1996 as we enter a warming trend in Maryland. Many have not forgotten the winter of 1996 which brought a whopping 62.5 inches of snow to the Baltimore area.

On January 5, 1996 a weak area of low pressure ejected out of the Gulf coast states and began to intensify over the warm waters of the Atlantic. The storm developed into a BOMB intensifying off the North Carolina coastline. A term coined by this explosive development was "Bombogenisus" or rapid deepening of a system in a short amount of time. As the storm moved north it overspread snow to the beltway cities on the evening of January 6 th, first starting as sleet, then rapidly changing over to heavy wet snow. Thunder and lightning accompanied these heavy bands of snow as they rolled along I 95. The storm was memorable due to its slow speed as the storm slowly chugged up the eastern sea board dumping 2-3 feet of snow on the eastern seaboard. By the end of the storm Baltimore would have received 32.6 inches of snow and DC would pick up around 25" shutting down businesses and government buildings for days.

The Blizzard of 1996 killed 154 people causing up to 1 billion dollars in damage.

Snow totals by January 8th 1996 !


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