Going to Denver for the playoffs won't be cheap

TIMONIUM, Md - Denver, Colorado is far.

We're talking way past Hagerstown far.

In fact you could drive to Hagerstown a little more than 21 times to go the same distance.

So if you want to see the Ravens and the Broncos, and not see the vast emptiness that is all of Kansas and eastern Colorado, I think you might want to fly.

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Mid-Atlantic AAA can help you find the best deals to get to Denver.

But so far there have been few calls as fans think about getting tickets first then travel second.

There are deals to be had but you might want to make those flight plans soon.

Like in the next day or so soon.

"Keep in mind that at the last minute most airlines charge a premium for booking your flights at the last minute coming out of Baltimore at this point tickets were in the looking at the six hundred dollar range per person round trip for most airlines for dates around this weekend however you can fly out of Reagan National airlines nonstop on Frontier airlines for about three hundred dollars round trip." AAA Travel Counselor Steve Andrews says.

But if you're the hardy type that wants to hit the open road like those pioneers of old.  

Good luck, as it was said in the beginning, Denver is far.

"Keep in mind you've got to factor in weather out there gas that sort of thing it's a long drive bottom line it's a long drive a long boring drive." Andrews says.   

Now if you do the math, if you have a car that can go about 300 miles on a fill up on a 13 gallon tank.

At today's prices of about $3.35 a gallon it would cost you about $264 to drive to Denver one way.

And at the most expensive flight you would only save about 80 bucks by driving.

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