Social media a popular topic at #crazy Super Bowl

How would one describe Super Bowl 47's media day? Maybe an appropriate description would include a hashtag -- #wild.

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In fact, as celebrities, NFL legends, reporters and network broadcasters launched question after question at the AFC and NFC champs, the topic of hashtags was common -- at least with organizations you don't typically see at a football game -- E!, OMG, VH1 and Nickelodeon, to name a few.

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How would players hashtag the outcome of Super Bowl 47?

San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick was speechless as the question was asked. "What's the one thing you hope you don't do in the Super Bowl?"

But it didn't matter, Pick Boy from Nickelodeon answered for him, "#lose."

"There were a few questions that were just laid out there, and I couldn't help myself," Pick Boy said.

The Nickelodeon star says social media has brought instant gratification to his career, and he is sure it does the same thing for the athletes competing in Super Bowl 47.

"Everything's happening here, and then I can eat lunch and go look at pictures of myself online and read articles about how awesome Pick Boy is, immediately. I think it's a really cool thing," he said.

Torrey Smith of the Ravens said he was also asked questions he doesn't normally get asked, some of which pertain to the social media explosion and were at least in one case, asked by a reporter from OMG that was carrying a giant hashtag.

Smith was much faster than Kaepernick on the question of what hashtag he hopes to use after the game.

"#Dreamcometrue, #wedidit," Smith said.

"If you win the game, you're at the highest of the high, you made it to the top. That's what it's all about. Everyone wants to get there," he said.

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