Ray Lewis wants 'Ray' venge

BALTIMORE - At the Nature Care Pharmacy on Main Street in Reisterstown, there's reserved parking and Rayserved parking.Once inside, you'll notice that owners Bruce and Paula Greenberg not only supply pharmaceuticals but everything to make a Ravens fan feel better.

"We kinda grabbed it. I had interest in the Ravens products and things, because I liked the stuff for myself," Bruce said. "They're coming in, they're feeling down, but when they see all the Ravens stuff it brightens up and gives a smile."

The Bruce and Paula team have been married for 20 years and Paula represents the Ravens well – from her earrings to her nail polish. During the recent game against the New England Patriots, she did something special.

She made a sign – a sign that caught the attention of Ray Lewis.

"Rayvenge tonight. Vince Lombardi in sight."

Paula said she held the sign high and was scream when she noticed Ray Lewis looking at her.

"A gentleman came over to me and said to me ‘Ray really wants your sign.'"

Little did she know she would be trading the sign for a fan's dream.

"I gave him my sign, and a minute later he came over with this hat from Ray," she said. 

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