Ravens win on Bourbon Street and in surrounding areas of the French Quarter

NEW ORLEANS - Neon lights, crowded streets, police officers on horses herding crowds like livestock – Ravens fans saturated Bourbon Street and other areas of the French Quarter of New Orleans on Thursday and Friday.

They were in town for Super Bowl 47 , but not all had tickets. Many made the trip to The Big Easy just to experience the atmosphere of one of America's top destinations for letting loose and celebrating life.

"It's absolutely wonderful. I've never experienced such atmosphere," Val Jenkins of Woodlawn said. "It's just lovely. The people are friendly. We do have a couple of 49ers fans that don't understand that they aren't supposed to be here, but other than that, it's wonderful."

Jenkins and two of her friends drove 18 hours from Baltimore and arrived in New Orleans Friday morning.  After resting up, they were out on the town Friday night. She said she was impressed by the good food, good entertainment and southern hospitality.

Jenkins wasn't alone. Everywhere you looked in the French Quarter was a cluster of purple and black with 49ers fans standing in small groups nearby. Taunting, chanting, "Oooooh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…"

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Synonymous with the Ravens is the chant, derived from Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. It's a chant that has become commonplace at sporting events and found open arms in Baltimore not just with the Ravens, but also the Orioles.

Finding fans from Baltimore in the French Quarter would have been just as easy for a blind man. Seven Nation Army was their mating call and defense mechanism. Fans used the chant to attract others shrouded in purple and black and also discourage 49ers fans attempting to build momentum on Bourbon Street.

Earlier in the day, when asked what they thought about turnout, Ravens fans said they felt they outnumbered the fan base of the team from the West Coast . Whether that holds true on game day is yet to be determined.

But in the French Quarter, Ravens win, 5-1.

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