Ravens, Orioles at odds over Thursday game?


The Ravens and the Orioles are locked in what might be described as a high stakes game of, chicken.

Along with all the confetti, one of the perks of winning the Super Bowl is that your team gets to play the first NFL game of the season, at home on Thursday, to celebrate.

At least that's how it's been for the past 10 years (except for last year).

This year -- the Ravens and the NFL would like that game to be on Thursday, September 5th at M & T Bank Stadium.

But on the evening of Thursday, September 5 th another event is already on the schedule -- the Orioles are set to play the Chicago White Sox just across the parking lot at Camden Yards.

So why not just move the Ravens game to Wednesday the 4th -- after all, last season the NFL held its opening day on a Wednesday, because President Obama had a speech scheduled for Thursday.

"Unfortunately Wednesday night is Rosh Hashanah, so we wouldn't play on Wednesday night," said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

And so far the Orioles have not accepted a move to a game earlier in the day on the 5th; a source close to the negotiations tells ABC-2 News the White Sox would also have to agree to move the game, and so would major league baseball and its players union.

And now, the NFL commissioner says that is putting the Ravens opening night honor in jeopardy.

"Unfortunately the only option is to take the ravens on the road. We think that's wrong for the Ravens fans so we would not want that to happen. So that's why we're trying to reach an accommodation," Goodell said.

"That would be a little bit frustrating for the fans I think, to take the home game on the road," said Jennifer Ficca of Baltimore County.

Speaking at the Ed Block Courage Awards on Monday, Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith was diplomatic:  "Two great owners, two great organizations, one great city," he said.

And he had an idea that nobody's talking about -- yet.  "They'll figure something out,' he said.  "Maybe they can figure out a way for them to play at the same time. It would be the biggest traffic jam next to that parade in the city."

Goodell says he grew up an Orioles fan.   He says he has talked to the commissioner of Major League Baseball twice, trying to work the issue out, but that a decision on when and where to play that opening game of the season will have to be made within the next couple weeks.

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