Ravens in New England

The AFC Part Deux

Foxborough - I-95 North.  We know the route by heart.  Last year, our hearts were broken.

First the dropped catch in the corner of the endzone by Lee Evans that would have sent us to the Super Bowl.  Then, the wide left missed kick by Billy Cundiff.  It went so far left it landed in Rhode Island.  

New England won again.  

Ray Lewis told us in the locker room to work harder to get back here again.  We are back here again!  It is Championship Eve.  

The Ravens' plane was squirted by fire hoses at BWI Thurgood Marshall. They think its like holy water! The team landed shortly after 4 p.m., and they are now resting at their hotel in Providence.  

This team has gone through a lot this year. Art up in Heaven. Torrey's loss. Webb out for the year. Suggs and his amazing comeback, along with Ray and his.  

Coach made a change over CEO of the offense. Losing Cam hurt personally, but he is managing and telling us to support this playoff push.  As always, class act.  

So we come back again to the place that has given us our greatest moment, Ray Rice and his 83-yard touchdown run... to the worst, losing last year.

 We are way too familiar with this Brady Bunch, but when tomorrow comes, this team which has converted on a 4th and 29 and a Hail Jacoby pass may be bound for Bourbon Street.

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