Ravens fans hopeful in Denver

Hundreds of Ravens fans braved the cold winter reception in Denver with visions of playoff victory. Some flew in and some drove.

Some weren't even from Baltimore.

Jason Salazar is from Northern California. He made the trip to Denver with his family. He's followed the Ravens since Ray Lewis was drafted.

"He inspired me.", said 10-year-old Sammy Salazar, "I'm a middle linebacker too when I play football."

Some have never been to a NFL game before, like Manuel Mantoy. He couldn't pass up the chance to see Ray Lewis play,

"I want to go see Ray Lewis play. Hopefully it's not his last game," he said.

As the weather was expected to be a factor in Denver, the excitement of the playoff game kept fans warm . Ravens fans weren't worried about the cold. All they cared about -- beating the Broncos.

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