List of items not allowed at Super Bowl released

NEW ORLEANS – The National Football League is recommending fans planning on attending Super Bowl 47 limit the items they carry into the stadium.

In a press release issued Thursday, representatives of the NFL said screening at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome will be significantly heightened.

The news came of no surprise to media members already in The Big Easy to cover the game, and they have also been closely monitored at all NFL events.

So, below are some tips, a guide if you will, on how you can minimize frustration as everyone entering the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday will be subject to metal detector screenings, pat-downs and other types of checks.

Certain items may not be brought into the stadium.  Small bags, subject to check, will be permitted but binocular and camera cases, among other items, will not be allowed.  Spectators are urged to carry nothing larger than a small purse or bag.  The NFL and Superdome will not hold prohibited or excluded items for spectators (see below for list of prohibited items).


The following list is a guide only.  It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

·         Weapons of any kind
·         Fireworks
·         Camcorders
·         Umbrellas
·         Strollers
·         Beach balls
·         Frisbees
·         Poles, Sticks
·         Laser lights and pointers
·         Containers of any type
·         Coolers of any size
·         Backpacks
·         Bottles
·         Cans, hairspray
·         Camera cases and binocular cases/tripods
·         Mace/pepper spray
·         Banners
·         Noisemakers, Horns

Cameras and Binoculars – Small cameras and binoculars will be allowed.  Camera cases and binocular cases are prohibited.  No spectator cameras with lenses longer than six inches will be permitted.  Camcorders are prohibited.

Electronic Devices – Spectators are strongly urged not to bring electronic devices into the stadium.  Any electronic device will be thoroughly inspected, causing delays for the spectator with the device.  Electronic devices include, but are not limited to, camcorders, televisions, radios, and computer tablets.

Prohibited items and items determined inappropriate for entry into the stadium will be the responsibility of the ticket holder and cannot be accepted or checked by the NFL or the Superdome.  All spectators are urged to secure these items in vehicles or hotel rooms.

NOTE: Temporary flight restrictions will be in place on Super Bowl Sunday that will prohibit private aircraft from operating in a large radius around the sports complex.  No blimps or other aircraft will be allowed to circle the premises.

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