Experts say some websites are posing as legitimate Ravens retailers

BALTIMORE - With the Baltimore Ravens headed to the Super Bowl, everybody's looking for purple gear.  But experts say where you get it, makes a difference.

The Better Business Bureau is warning fans to be wary if they're shopping online.  They've already heard complaints about websites selling what look like Ravens knockoffs, although they claim to be official team retailers.

The sites themselves give you a clue right off the bat.  We found some with broken English and one that listed itself as a "Bavens" shop.  Angie Barnett with the BBB says, "One of the most misleading items on these websites is that they say they're the official Baltimore Ravens website with official gear, so you think you're buying a legitimate thing."

These websites are hocking what are normally high dollar jerseys, at a heavy discount.  The jerseys often retail for half of what legitimate stores are charging.  It sounds tempting, but many of these sites are run overseas, with their domains registered in China.  Their sites list no contact information for if there's a problem. 

Barnett warns what you buy will likely be of poor quality, and that's if you ever actually receive the merchandise.  Complaints to her office have indicated some companies are simply taking customers' money, but shipping nothing, "They are paying as much as $80-90 for a jersey.  They're sending their money and they're not getting the product.  So even if they aren't aware that it's counterfeit products that they're ordering from China, they're not receiving it."


The BBB warned about similar websites popping up last year.  One such site has since been shut down by the federal government, showcasing a warning to people in place of a shopping gallery.


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