End of an era in Baltimore-- Ray Lewis is retiring

Ray Lewis to retire & spend more time with family

BALTIMORE - It's the end of an era in Baltimore. When Ray Lewis walks through that tunnel on Sunday to take on the Colts, it will likely be for the last time.

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The 37-year-old announced he will officially retire following this season.

On Sunday we will rise before 1, focus on the tunnel.  We'll see smoke, and hear nothing but memories.

We will watch him shimmy to the left, then right, and toss a clump of grass.  It will be the greatest dance we've seen since martin's west.

We'll think of 17 years of all the hits, from a man who just wanted to know what time is it.  And it was here on Pratt street, 12 years ago, I coaxed him off the back of a hummer to do his ray right in the middle of the street.  

He was a man who rehabbed his life like no other to  help others after his Atlanta scare.

After listening to him you wanted to put pads on.  he has been our inspirational leader since he landed here in 1996.

Come Sunday he will enter the Ravens den to perform his last dance.  When he leaves, he will leave as the greatest middle linebacker we've ever seen.

Nobody will wear 52 in this town for this team again.

Ray's reason for retiring is so that he can spend more time with his family.

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