Ed Reed says he's surprised Vernon Davis hasn't run the ball yet

Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens Safety,. faced another round of questioning Thursday as preparations for Super Bowl 47 continue.

Reed was met with challenging questions that ranged from comments other players had made this week, to the inspirational leaders he's had in his career.

His thoughts about the former University of Maryland tight end were nothing short of respect.

"He does it all. He's a beast. He's one of those guys that you all say has ‘it.' He catches touchdowns, he's blocking. I'm surprised they haven't ran him yet, handing him the ball, but he's somebody you really have to know where he is at all times and be mindful of what he's doing, because they give him the ball, for one. You have to give him the ball. Why wouldn't you? But whoever is covering him, whether it's me, Bernard , or anybody on our team covering him, you have to be really mindful of where he's at" Reed said.


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