Eat in support of purple and black

TOWSON, Md. - If you can't make it to Denver, make sure you at least eat in support of the purple and black.

The bakers at La Cakerie in Towson are baking up a whole host of Ravens goodies, from a few Ray Lewis-inspired cupcakes and cookies to Coach John Harbaugh's *Heathbar* cupcake.

All the tasty treats were inspired by owner Jason Hisley, who is born and bred right here in Baltimore, and he's certainly ready to cheer on the team.

"You know, La Cakerie is so ready for this Ravens game tomorrow. We totally decked out the store for Ravens," Hisley said. "We have Ravens cupcakes, canoli's Ravens, Ravens cakes...all sort of fun stuff for the game tomorrow."

Yum...La Cakerie will have all their delicious delectables all weekend long.  

Here is what will be on the menu:

Vanilla CC - Purple frosting with ravens sprinkles

Chocolate Vanilla - Purple frosting with ravens sprinkles

The Pig Skin (use bacon) - Maple bacon Cupcake called the Pig Skin

Coach John Heathbar - Chocolate Heathbar cupcake

"Bould N Beautiful" - Fondant disk with #81 on it.....on our double chocolate honor of Anquan Bouldin who had a great game

Squirrel Dance (that's the name of Ray's dance) - Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge with nuts

Gotta Ngata Nougat Cupcake - Vanilla Cupcake with Nougat frosting, crunch topping

Rays Lewis Cupcake - Chocolate cupcake, White swirl of frosting with purple frosting on top, fondant football on top with #52 on it

Bye-Bye Bronco - Creamsicle cupcake, orange cake with orange frosting and blue sprinkles

Peanut Butter Fumble Crumble Cupcake

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