Ravens part ways with Bernard Pollard

BALTIMORE - Bernard Pollard is no longer a Raven.

He tweeted Wednesday, "Well Raven Nation it's been fun...Thank You!" Shortly after, he was posted on NFL.com as an eligible free agent.

Pollard is going into his 8th year in the NFL.

Pollard's 2012 season was highlighted by big hits, some becoming controversial with the league's helmet-to-helmet rule. He had a total of 98 tackles and one interception during the regular season.

Pollard had 17 tackles and one fumble recovery in the postseason.

A hit in the AFC Championship in which Pollard rendered New England running back Stevan Ridley seemingly unconscious is what most football fans will likely remember of Pollard's last season with the team. It was a key moment in that game as the Ravens came from behind and advanced to the Super Bowl.

The play forced a fumble recovered by Arthur Jones. It set up another successful drive coordinated by Joe Flacco, capped by a touchdown pass from Flacco to Boldin, successful PAT and a 28-13 lead.

…It shook New England. It rattled Tom Brady… [MORE]



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