Belichick: Patriots came up short in every area


His answer was simple. There was no breakdown of schemes or formations.

After the Patriots were shut down in the second half of the AFC Championship and defeated 28-13, head coach Bill Belichick said, "They just did a better job than we did."

In the mind of the man known for coaching his way through such situations, there was just a thought that his team played bad, across the board.

"I don't think anything was really as good as it needed to be tonight," Belichick said. "…Gave up too many points, didn't score enough. I'd say we probably came up a little short in every area."

From a costly fumble after which running back Stevan Ridley left the game with a suspected head injury, to dropped passes and blow coverage on defense, Belichick said he was disappointed in his team's performance – a performance that simply wasn't as the Ravens.

"That's why they're moving on and we're not. They were just better than we were in really everything," he said.

As the Ravens locker room was full of talk about the defense playing with more intensity in the second half, Belichick said he didn't really notice anything different other than his team's ability to execute on all aspects of the game.

"I thought they pretty much played what they played in the second half, that's what they played in the first half." 

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