Baltimore Raven Torrey Smith alleged of using homophobic slur online

The wide receiver lashed out against accuser TMZ

BALTIMORE - Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith doesn't take kindly to being called a homophobe.

Popular gossip blog TMZ  posted a story under the headline " TORREY SMITH NFL PLAYER FIRES OFF HOMOPHOBIC SLUR." The brief story was in response to an Instagram post from Smith featuring a picture of his brother wearing pink socks with the caption "Look at this queen."

Smith defended his post, calling out TMZ for trying to stir the pot.

Smith wrote on Twitter: "@TMZ don't do that I was joking with my brother and if you think I was leaning towards being offensive you would know that I have been supportive of gay rights...if you are looking for a story look somewhere else."

The allegation comes a day after former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe said he was " pretty confident" that he was cut by the team for his outspoken stance on gay rights and marriage equality.

Rick Mitchell, a writer and producer for TMZ, attempted to sway Smith onto the blog's daily video stream TMZ Live. The site posted a preview of the show, which included a photo Smith, Kluwe and Aaron Rodgers under the headline "TMZ SPORTS: GAY WAR EXPLODES IN THE NFL." Smith declined to call in via Twitter.

" @ItsRickMitchell you are ignorant to believe a feminine word ‘queen' if called to a male insinuates that it is homophobic," Smith wrote.

Mitchell insisted on Twitter that he didn't think Smith was anti-gay but cautioned the Ravens wide out "in the NFL these guys should be a little more careful." 


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