6th grade girl kicked off football team

DOYLESTOWN, PA - Tonight a little girl lies in her bed broken hearted, but it's not over a boy.

It's over her favorite sport - football. 
Caroline Pla, a 110lb 6th grader, has been suiting up since she was five.
The all-star offensive guard was recently told she had played her last game as a Roman, a team she has played for during the last two seasons.
The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is enforcing its boys only policy when it comes to catholic youth organization football. 
Pla says, "It's not just a safety issue for girls, it could be a safety issue for anybody. As long as we know how to play and play right."
Her teammates are behind her, as well as 7,000 people who signed an online petition.
Mom says during her fight to play, her daughter's spirit has been amazing.
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