The pontiff makes a personal call to Bueno Aires, caller thinks he's being pranked

Pope Francis pulls a non-prank, again

Pope Francis is at it again.  He bypassed his secretary to make a phone call, and accidentally pranked the person on the other end of the line.

This time, the pope was calling to cancel the delivery of his morning paper in Buenos Aires, according to The Guardian.  The son of the kiosk owner, Daniel Del Regno, picked up the phone to a voice that said, "Hello Daniel, it's Cardinal Jorge."

Del Regno tells an Argentinean newspaper that at first, he thought a friend was playing a prank on him.  Then he says Pope Francis thanked him for delivering the paper and gave best wishes to his family.  Del Regno says he broke down and cried.

He recalled speaking to the pontiff before he left for Rome and asked him if he thought he would be elected pope.  He says Pope Francis simply said he would see Del Regno in 20 days and keep delivering the paper.

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