Pope Francis makes a call from the Vatican, receptionist doesn't believe him

Pope's call believed to be a prank

Pope Francis has proven he's not into following all of the Vatican protocols and traditions, which became even clearer when he tried to make a phone call.

The Daily Mail reports that Pope Francis called a Vatican receptionist directly, which is not typically done.  The receptionist didn't believe him, thinking it was a prank.  When the pontiff identified himself, the receptionist reportedly replied, "Oh yes? And I'm Napoleon."

Pope Francis assured the man he was, indeed, the new head of the Roman Catholic Church and wanted to speak to a general of his old Jesuit order.  That's when the receptionist realized he was really speaking to the pope and paged him through.

A Vatican expert explained to the Daily Mail that the pope doesn't usually make his own phone calls, but Pope Francis likes to do things in his own way.  When selected as pope, he skipped the papal limo and rode on the bus with the cardinals.  During the inaugural ceremony, he got out of the car to shake hands, kiss babies and even bless a disabled man.

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