By The Numbers: Vatican City and how many popes were named John?

The world's eyes are on it so let's take a look at Vatican City by the numbers. 

1) Though the area's history goes back 2,000 years, it officially became a city-state in 1929.

2) Vatican City is the smallest country in the world at 110 acres. 57 of those acres are the Vatican gardens.  

3) It has the smallest population of any country in the world. Around 800 people live there, but the life expectancy in the Holy City is 78 -- guess that Mediterranean diet is working!  

4) It took Michelangelo four years to paint the historic frescos on the Sistine Chapel from 1508-1512.

5) There have been 265 popes -- the search is on for number 266!  

6) The most common pope name is John. There have been 23 of them!

7) Pope Pius IX served the longest with 31 years; Pope Urban VII served the shortest. He was pope for 13 days.  

8) There have been 39 married popes. Pope Innocent VIII had eight children. It's rumored that Christopher Columbus was his son.

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