Will today's weather be a repeat of Thursday?

State Highway Administration says they're prepared

BALTIMORE - While the snow fall was limited yesterday, it seemed the traffic tie-ups were endless, and the Maryland State Highway Administration says today could be a repeat performance.

How to keep your kids safe in this weather

Wednesday night temperatures were so low, that crews couldn't pre-treat the roads. Add in a little sun glare, a few accidents in key spots and late school openings and it proved to be a recipe for gridlock for commuters.

The state warns todays evening commute could be just as dicey if the snow hits as schools let out.

"The main goal with the crews is after the precipitation stops, we want to get to bare pavement in four hours.  So people need to have realistic expectations when they're going out," said a spokesperson for the Maryland Highway Administration.

The state highway administration offers these tips for drivers this morning:

  • Fill your gas tank
  • Make sure you have window washer fluid, an ice scraper, a charged cell phone
  • Have an alternate travel plan if crashes or other incidents block your normal route
  • Leave yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination.


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