O'Malley proposes gax tax plan to help improve Maryland roads and rail projects

BALTIMORE - There's more talk of tax increases and Governor Martin O'Malley has proposed a sweeping transportation plan that relies on a new tax on gas to help with road and rail projects.

The governor proposed a transportation plan Monday that relies on a gas tax to help fund highway -- transit and other transportation projects.

O'Malley's plan would take 5 cents off the state's existing 23 point 5 cents per gallon gas tax. Drivers could pay 2 cents more per gallon of gas starting in July, plus an additional 7 cents more a year after that.

O'Malley's bill is similar to a plan passed in Virginia last month to put more money into transportation.

Under O'Malley's proposal transit fares would also increase.

Maryland's transportation funding plan adds to an already controversial 90 day legislative session for O'Malley.

He's also pushing for gun control, repealing the death penalty and wind power.

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