State Lawmakers hold hearing on bill to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol in Maryland

Annapolis, Md - The Maryland House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on Tuesday on the bill to make possession of limited amounts of marijuana legal for adults 21 and older.

The bill would also allow a system where marijuana is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol.  This will be the first time Maryland Legislators consider such a bill.

HB 1453 would remove all penalties for private possession of up to an ounce of marijuana and cultivation of up to three plants by adults 21 or older.

The bill would also direct the Maryland Comptroller to license marijuana retail stores and wholesale government regulations as well.

It would still be illegal to use marijuana in public or drive under the influence of marijuana.  The bill was introduced by Delegate Curt Anderson.  It's co-sponsored by Delegates Jill Carter, Cheryl Glenn and Nathaniel Oaks.

The hearing starts on Tuesday at 1pm in the House Office Building in Annapolis.


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