Several reports of EBT machines not working across Maryland

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Announcements are being made across the aisles of grocery stores in Baltimore that food stamp machines are not working.

"I was in the store and there was an announcement saying that the EBT system was down," said B. George, a woman who lives in Baltimore City.

"During routine maintenance on its data center today, the IT vendor we use to administer the food stamp program experienced an outage with their EBT system," Brian Schleter, with the Maryland Department of Human Resources (DHR), explained.

Schleter is the Director of Communications for DHR.  He says the department is in close communication with the company.

Call after call rang into the ABC2 newsroom.

One store owner said he has had to turn away so many customers. "I'm losing money, but it's even tougher to look at these people's faces," the local store owner explained.

Some of the stores affected are Food Depot, Safeway, and others.

Another man who asked not to be named says the store clerk tried running his independence card several times.  He had to come to terms with the inevitable -- the transaction was not approved.

"Everyone had to leave their carts -- they were packed," George continued describing her experience. "They expected to eat today."

"I don't think it's going to change today," said George. However, she and many families in the area are hoping for a solution.

Schleter says, "the statewide outage is ongoing."

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