Sandy Hook victim's Godmother speaks out


Six year-old Benjamin Wheeler was laid to rest last week in Newtown, Connecticut; his adorable face just one unbelievably painful chapter in one of this country's worst stories.

A story Wheeler's Marriottsville Godmother wants to be as inspiring as it is tragic.

"The families, everybody is going through it up there right now and you leave there feeling so helpless because you want to be able to shoulder this with the family."

Vicki Pellicciotti attended Ben's funeral last week allowing her and her young family to say goodbye to the six year-old...and the evil that took his life.

Now she says, it is time for support; to focus on the positive that's been rippling out of that small town in Connecticut.

"Doing that kind of stuff just makes you feel good.  Ben has that legacy right now where, if we could spread anything it's that joy of a child.  Just people being kind to one another and let go of all that other stuff that doesn't matter," said Pelliccioti.

That is her message on this Christmas Eve.

One she hopes she sees in person during a 5k run planned in Ben's honor in Pelliccioti and Ben's mother's home town of Newtown, Pennsylvania this Sunday.

The same support and positivity being expressed in the Wheeler family's facebook page and the donations to the six year-old's fund.

A tidal wave of hope the family believes will drown out the evil.

"Nobody can put themselves in their shoes right now and if you try it's unfathomable.  Just this positive air that we are trying to create and spreading the word on the way that you can help, that's the most important thing right now."


How you can show support:

Donations can be sent to:

C/O Newtown Savings Bank

39 Main Street

Newtown, CT  06470


Write a message of hope and support on the ‘Ben Wheeler Fund' facebook page.

If you would rather run in the memorial 5K race on 12/30 in Newtown, PA…details on registration can be also be found on the Ben Wheeler Fund facebook page.

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