Pomegranates recalled for hepatitis risk

BALTIMORE (WMAR) -- Woodstock Organic Pomegranate Kernels have been recalled due to a potential hepatitis A virus contamination. 
The Scenic Fruit Company of Gresham, Oregon has recalled 5,091 cases of the kernels after information was received that indicates the pomegranate kernels have the potential to be contaminated with the virus. 
The kernels were part of a shipment from Turkey, and were also used as an ingredient in previously recalled products. 
Woodstock Organic Pomegranate Kernels are sold in 8-ounce re-sealable plastic pouches with a UPC Code of 0 42563 01628 9. The following lot numbers are subject to the recall. 
  • C 0129 (A,B, or C) 035 with a best by date of 02/04/2015
  • C 0388 (A,B, or C) 087 with a best by date of 03/28/2015
  • C 0490 (A,B, or C) 109 with a best by date of 04/19/2015
The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and local county health departments are working to verify that the product has been removed from retail stores. Consumers who have purchased this product should discard it. 
Symptoms of acute hepatitis A infection include: yellow skin or eyes (jaundice), abdominal pain, pale stools, diarrhea, dark urine, and fever.  Symptoms usually appear within 28 days after infection.  About half of the adults who catch hepatitis A get sick, and usually feel ill for about 2 weeks (sometimes longer). Only a few children get sick when they catch hepatitis A, but all people who catch the virus can spread it to others. Those who have recently been exposed to hepatitis A virus may be able to receive a medication or vaccination to prevent illness.  Anyone with these symptoms should consult their health care provider.
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