Police arrest man accused in hatchet murder

GAITHERSBURG, Md. - It was just after midnight when police got the 911 call from the home in Gaithersburg.

On the other end of the line police say was Claude Allen, son of a former aide to President George W Bush claiming he had killed an intruder trying to burglarize the home, but when police arrived they ended up taking the 20 year old in for murder.

"That is the person that has been charged at this point.  He was taken into custody based on the information that we developed on the scene and he has since been charged with homicide," said Montgomery County Police Captain Jim Daly.

Because police say Allen used a hatchet to kill 25 year old Michael Phillip Harvey in the garage then dumped the body about 20 feet into a wooded area behind the home.

Police could be seen Friday afternoon investigating both where the murder happened, and where Harvey's body was found; activity not usually seen in this upscale quiet neighborhood.

"Hatchet in the woods that's great.  Jeez, I don't know, but you don't see much of that around here so...it's horrible," said friend of a neighbor Kevin Crowell.

Montgomery County Police say the victim and the suspect knew each other and that there was also a third person in the home around the same age and that person is a witness who is cooperating with this investigation.

All the details of which are still not public; police won't confirm how the hatchet was used, why Harvey's body was dumped in the woods or what the motive was for the attack

Meanwhile pets were taken out of the home to be cared for as police settle in for what they say may be a lengthy investigation of a multi-part crime scene.

"I think investigators will be here for most of the day.  I don't know if they will be able to wrap up their investigation and evidence collection at that point.  There's a possibility they could be here tomorrow, but they will be here most of today," said Captain Daly.

Evidence further building the case against the 20 year old son of a former presidential aide, so far charged with first degree murder.

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