MSP: Divers will not re-enter bay in search for Robin Pope

Neighbors and police continue to search for clues

STEVENSVILLE, Md. - The last anyone saw of 51-year-old Robin Pope was her car in the driveway of her estranged husband's Stevensville home with her keys, credit cards and purse still inside.

 She separated from her husband in December.

Wayne Pope told police she was at the house gathering some belongings when he left and when he returned, she was nowhere to be found.

The first clue came early Saturday morning along the beach when a neighbor found the body of the couple's Great Dane Bella.

March 1st
Wayne Pope said Robin came to the home to pick up her belongings. Wayne said he left the home on Friday night.
Robin Pope Missing

March 2nd
Wayne told investigators that when he returned home Saturday at around 2 am, Robin's car was in the driveway and her Great Dane was missing. Pope called police at 2 a.m. to report suspicious circumstances.

They found the missing dog near a neighbor's pier.

Wayne Pope, Robin Pope, Maryland State Police, Debbie Shaw, Gina Knapp, Stevensville

Search turned over to the Maryland State Police.
Wayne Pope, Robin Pope, Maryland State Police, Debbie Shaw, Gina Knapp, Stevensville

March 3rd
6 Divers searched for Robin's body in the water, but found nothing.
Wayne Pope, Robin Pope, Maryland State Police, Debbie Shaw, Gina Knapp, Stevensville

March 4th
Search efforts for Robin continue.
Wayne Pope, Robin Pope, Maryland State Police, Debbie Shaw, Gina Knapp, Stevensville

Police originally thought it suffered some kind of trauma which many thought fit some kind of violent narrative, but a vet later determined the dog was older and what was thought to be a deadly injury were just numerous  tumors; no water was found in the dog's lungs.

A weird coincidence or connected to pope's disappearance, either way, it has left the small community guessing.

The search for Robin Pope

"People may not know her but if you mention the Great Dane and her and showed the picture they remember her walking."
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"This is a tight community.  We all care about each other.  We want to make sure…We want to find out what happened.  Plain and simple."

It's why Tony Bullird showed up Monday to help other neighbors search for more clues.

It is simply just weird Robin Pope would just go off the grid. Police called that behavior unusual for the dental hygienist.

Debbie Shaw is organizing community searches. She didn't know Pope well but feels like she needs to be involved if only for Pope's two daughters.

"Because I couldn't imagine if it was my children looking for me and just as a mom, and my daughter says it, I just couldn't imagine what these girls are going through," Shaw said.

Maryland State Police took the lead on the case at the Queen Anne's County Sheriff's request.

 MSP divers were in the water for six hours Sunday and found nothing. The chopper was up too -- found nothing.

State police detectives are following leads and are in the process of doing interviews, including with the estranged husband Wayne Pope.

"I've made it very clear.  We're not ruling anything out. We're not jumping to any conclusions.  We have, our investigators have, to look at all potential possibilities as to what may have happened to Ms. Pope," said Maryland State Police spokesperson Greg Shipley.       

And so police welcome tips, no shortage of which are appearing on the sheriff department's Facebook page.

With more 400 thousand views as of Monday, the sheriff's office says Robin Pope's critical missing persons post is by far one of the most popular posts they've ever created.

Neighbors say they are planning a big search for Sunday, but they hope they don't need it.




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