Mental illness and gun laws at forefront after murder-suicide

BALTIMORE - Today we're learning more about the murder suicide near the University of Maryland campus.

Prince Georges county police say the gunman, Dayvon green's had a history of mental illness.

Currently Maryland law only has a few conditions about mental illness when it comes to buying guns.

And this legislative session the governor is pushing a bill that would toughen reporting standards.

At this point Maryland's gun laws only call for people who are found not competent to stand trial by a judge are reported to the law.

Along with people who live in state hospitals for more than 30 days.

In yesterday's shooting near the University of Maryland.

The gunman, 23 year old Dayvon Green, according to police had been diagnosed with what they term a mental illness and was on medication to control it.

Police say green had never been arrested.

Currently people who don't go through the legal system or receive mental health services privately do not show up on the radar.

Doctor Gayle Jordan-Rudolph with the state Department of Mental Health and Hygiene worked on the governor's task force which came up with recommendations for changing the response to mental health issues.

Doctor Jordan-Rudolph.... speaking in general terms says the task force recommended boarding reporting for some people.

"have been determined not to have the judgment to have decisions about themselves and to make personal decisions and a judge has determined they need guardian ship and a judge has determined that's another group that would be reported and then to report people who have been civilly committed to any psychiatric hospital and been determined to be dangerous." Jordan-Rudolph says.

She says the task force is trying to find a balance between the rights of privacy and the rights of the public.

And part of that balance, she says is making people understand that not all mental illness results in violent and people need to be reassured that they can and should get treatment.

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