Maryland shelters to receive dogs rescued from Kentucky puppy mill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - The Animal Rescue Corps is transporting 40 dogs out of the 120 animals rescued on Sept. 19 by the organization from a puppy mill in Kentucky to Maryland.

The puppies will arrive at the Takoma Park Community Center Friday and will be placed to adoption partners throughout Maryland.

The placement partners include: Mutts Matter Rescue, Dogs XL Rescue, The SPCA of Anne Arundel County and the Humane Society of Calvert County.

"Without partners like these compassionate, effective organizations we couldn't do what we do," said Animal Rescue Corps President Scotlund Haisley.

The dogs were found crowded in a run-down outdoor wire and wood hutch that was encrusted with urine and piles of feces. The water for the dogs was dirty and green from algae growth.

A majority of the dogs were underweight and suffered from severe eye and ear infections.

The rescue known as "Operation Unbridled Spirit" was named in honor of the resilience the animals faced.   

The ARC's team of veterinarians and volunteers gave the animals the necessary vaccinations, grooming and daily care essential for adoption.

"Anyone wishing to foster or adopt one of these dogs must contact these shelters and rescue groups directly and follow the foster or adopter screening process," said Animal Rescue Corps Outreach Director Karla Goodson.  

The Animal Rescue Corps performed "Operation Unbridled Spirit" with Wayne County Animal Control, the Wayne County Sheriff's Office and the Wayne County Attorney.

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