"Inherently dangerous" dog breed law to debated in Annapolis


On Thursday afternoon lawmakers will gather in Annapolis to announce a compromise on the pit bull legislation.

The controversial Maryland Pit Bull law may be challenged.

Many landlords and dog owners worried when a Maryland court found that pit bulls were inherently dangerous.

Some folks even got rid of their pit bulls.

Now Maryland Delegate Lou Simmons says he has come up with a bill that could find a balance between victims of dog bites and dog owners.

According to published reports he says there was no scientific evidence to say that a pit bull was dangerous, but that, for example, a Rottweiler was not.

Simmons says his bill would do away with the notion that any one breed of dog is dangerous and it would not force dog bite victims to have to prove the dog owner knew their dog was dangerous.

The proposed law also aims to free landlords and others who own property-- but don't own dogs from the strict liability imposed by the court.

He says his goal is to restore what was the common law and restore sanity to Maryland's law regarding animals and animal bites.

Today's announcement will be held in Annapolis at 3 pm.


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