Gun law impacts hunters, sport shooters

With the new gun laws looming, Marylanders are making a run on gun stores.

It's putting pressure on manufacturers to keep up with demand. It's affecting those who hunt and shoot for sport.

Mandy Tomardy from the Kent Island Elks Lodge runs turkey shoots that raise money for schools and community organizations on the Eastern Shore.

She says supplies are scarce.

"If we can't get the ammo, we don't have money coming in," Tomardy said. "We don't have turkey shoots... If I have to cancel the turkey shoots then that's about $10,000 that doesn't go back into this community.

The new laws take effect on October 1st if they pass the governor's desk.

Maryland's House of Delegates passed the bill Wednesday on a 78 to 61.  Supporters say it could make it more difficult for criminals to obtain handguns.

The House did make some changes to the bill; but its major proposals – the fingerprinting requirement for handgun purchases and the 10-round limit on magazine sizes – remain in effect.

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