Guidelines for safely using a limo service

It's prom season, and as many parents set to put their teenager in limos for the big night, thoughts of a limo fire that killed a newlywed bride and eight of her friends Saturday are sure to be on their minds.

While little was known Monday about what could have caused the fire, the Maryland Public Service Commission wants those considering limo travel to know there are some general tips that could help ensure a safe ride.

The top priority – making sure you use a limo company that licensed and regulated by the Public Safety commission, which includes two annual inspections, background checks for drivers and verification of insurance.

Before signing a contract, prospective limousine customers should follow these strategies:
1) Ask for the company's PSC number
2) Inspect the vehicle personally
3) Know the difference between a limousine broker and the actual limo company
4) Review all terms outlined in the contract
5) Contact the PSC to verify that a company is authorized and that rates quoted are correct. Companies can only charge rates that are on file with the commission.

"The Commission wants to ensure that students and their families select a licensed, reliable company for this memorable occasion," says PSC Chairman W. Kevin Hughes.

The PSC regulates taxis, limousines and for-hire transportation services. Customers can contact the Transportation Division at 410-767-8128 with questions concerning limousine service or visit the Commission's website,, to locate more information on limousines.

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