Grandmother claims Mega Millions prize


A Mount Airy grandmother is now $26 million richer after claiming her Mega Millions prize. 
On Tuesday, before going to bed, a Mt. Airy man jokingly told his fiancee they were going to wake up as millionaires. When the woman woke the next morning, their dream became a reality. 
The woman went online and checked her ticket and realized that they were $26 million richer.
"I'm still in denial," said the grandmother of two, who chose to remain anonymous. "I even droved by the store the next day to see if it was real. One look at the parking lot with all the news vans and I knew it was true." 
The lucky winner, who baby sits her grandchildren, playfully told her daughter that she could no longer watch the kids, unless it was at the beach. 
The 48-year-old retiree plans to buy a beach house, or two. "This will be the first time anyone from our family has ever owned a home," she said. 
After choosing the cash option, the winners will take home $12.6 million after taxes. 
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