Erotic fiction author tops tax list

An author of erotic fiction is at the top of a list of people in Maryland who owe back taxes.
Kristina Roberts, who also is known as Zane, was in the number one spot on the list released by Comptroller Peter Franchot on Monday. The comptroller's office says she owes about $340,000. 
Franchot announced the names of the top 25 businesses and individuals. Collectively, they owe nearly $15 million in unpaid taxes, penalties and interest to the state.
Since the "Caught in the Web" program began in 2000, the comptroller's office has collected more than $27 million from delinquent taxpayers whose names have appeared on the list.
Worldwide Internet Sweepstakes LLC topped the list of businesses. The comptroller's office says the Rockville company owes the state about $2.8 million. 
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