Death penalty repeal, anti cyber-bullying among bills to be signed into law

Get ready for a lot of new laws to take effect. Among other things, it's going to change how marijuana is used in Maryland and what teens say online.

Governor O'Malley will sign more than 200 bills into law on Thursday.

The first one he will sign is the bill to repeal the death penalty. It's a measure the governor pushed for.

Maryland now becomes the 18th state to repeal capital punishment.

On Wednesday night, the Basilica in Baltimore will keep its lights on all night in honor of the bill signing to repeal the death penalty.

Some other high profile bills include Grace's law aimed at cyber bullying. The law makes it a crime to bully anyone online who's under 18 years old.

The bill was named after Grace McComas, a Howard County teen who committed suicide after she was repeatedly harassed online.

Raven's running back Ray Rice, a huge anti-bullying advocate supported the legislation.

Another bill the governor will sign is one that would legalize medical marijuana under limited circumstances.

The bill would allow medical research centers to establish programs to dispense marijuana to sick patients.

It's unclear though when the program will be up and running.

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