Bill would offer limited immunity for drug offenders that report an overdose

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - A Baltimore County lawmaker is proposing legislation that would offer limited immunity for non-violent drug possession charges if that person contacts police or emergency personnel for reports of an overdose.

Del. Jon Cardin will present his proposed Good Samaritan overdose immunity legislation to the Judiciary Committee at 1 p.m. Tuesday. Overdose survivor advocates, their families and public health and drug policy reform experts are also expected to testify
Cardin said that studies show that victims of an overdose and those who witness an overdose do not call 911 out of fear of police involvement. 

"While I don't condone illegal drug or alcohol  use or abuse, we should make sure overdose victims are brought to safety and not allow them die out of fear of being arrested," said Cardin in a statement. "There is strong evidence that overdose victims and their friends would often rather let someone die than call emergency personnel. This should never happen...

"This law is a common sense way to literally save thousands of lives."

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