AAA bracing for record number of roadside service calls

BALTIMORE - AAA Mid-Atlantic is asking its customers to be patient as they prepare for a potential record number of emergency roadside requests with the impending snow storm.

AAA officials said calls for help may be limited to only those who are in hazardous situations.

"AAA emergency roadside service drivers are fully prepared for this storm and are ready, willing and able to come to the rescue of those who are in danger. However, during extreme conditions, it is possible that AAA members who are stuck just outside of their homes or in a safe place, may be asked to wait for assistance until conditions improve," said Ragina Cooper-Averella, a AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesperson. 

In January, requests for emergency roadside service by AAA Mid-Atlantic members climbed to record numbers.  AAA Mid-Atlantic's emergency roadside assistance volume topped 222,000 for the month, the highest monthly volume on record, shattering the previous record month of December 2010 by nearly 16,000. 

AAA is offering the following tips while waiting for any emergency roadside service.

  • Move your vehicle as far off the road as possible and stay on level ground.  (AAA members are advised to drive to a safer location such as a nearby parking lot if vehicle can be driven).
  • Use extreme caution while on the roadside.
  • Exit on the side of the vehicle away from traffic.
  • Set flashers, flares, or hang a white flag to warn other motorists.
  • Consider leaving the vehicle for a safer location.
  • Do not stand directly behind or in front of the disabled vehicle. In some circumstances you may wish to remain in the car, but always wear your seatbelt.
  • Once you are in a safe location, call your roadside service provider.  Motorists disabled on Maryland highways are advised to call #77 from their mobile phone for assistance.
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