Howard County shelter brings in Chihuahuas for adoption

ELLICOTT CITY, Md - It is a very little dog.

With a very big problem.

Out west there are just too many of them.

And this living thing is treated by some folks as if it's disposable.

 "There's one shelter down there that has 850 dogs and 350 of them Chihuahua it's the Hollywood people who think of them as pocket pets."

Hundreds of Chihuahua's are put down every day."  Shelter President Moria Liskovec says.

Many others are abandoned or mistreated.

And still others, once they grow up, they're care is just ignored.

 "She's got little bite mark things little wounds on her ears so knows what you've been through."  Liskovec says.

But overall each dog is in relatively good health, and has been spayed or neutered some even micro chipped.

Most of them were about a week away from the gas chamber when they got lucky.

Various rescue groups arranged for them to be flown here to the Small Miracles dog and cat rescue in Ellicott City.

And after all the poking and prodding they'll now have a future.

They have a chance to be dogs.

To live and grow and be a companion to someone who wants them.

The dogs were barely out of the crates when people started showing up.

Some are here to foster, while others are looking to adopt.

With larger dogs in most of the shelters here, for folks who want a small dog this is a treat.

 "I love them, think they're fantastic dogs they're so much fun and they're portable."  Lorraine Gingerich says laughs

If you're interested in adopting one of the dogs there is a process along with a 300 dollar adoption fee to help pay for the costs of bringing them here.

You can reach the Small Miracles dog and cat rescue at 410-274-3530

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