2 Good 2 Be True: Super Bowl Movers

SAVAGE, Md. - The Von Trapps may have brought the hills alive.  But the Von Paris's stuff our closets, living rooms, attics, garages, basements and kitchens.  They are 2 Good to be True. 

Way back when the first Von Paris landed in Locust Point, he was smart enough to do what others didn't want to do.  Haul people around. 

So he started on Highland and Bank and one move after another and after 121 years, we have tradition like no other.  John Von Paris leads the company now, but its his uncles, aunts, cousins that make this company purr like on of their big moving trucks. 

Von Paris was responsible for putting all shoulder pads, helmets, jerseys, 5-27-81-52, cleats on 4 trucks and driving them to New Orleans for the Super Bowl. 

Pressure?  John said, "I can't be 5 minutes early or 5 minutes late".

Von Paris also shifts the Orioles every spring to Sarasota.  They also the B-S-O on the road.  And oh yeah, they moved George Herbert Walker Bush from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue back to Houston. 

John said, "When you have the Presidents chair, you don't know if you should use 2 pads or 5". 

This is a family run business and when we were there they were moving their brand new museum.  It will be pictures and boxes and trucks and things.  

In the warehouse, we saw a stack from the floor to the sky.  Von Paris said, "we can find a box in 5 minutes."

What a good idea this is, they are now working with those up in age who are downsizing.  They come in box up what you don't want and send it off to other relatives. 

The Von Paris family the first family of moving in Baltimore.  They are 2 Good 2 be True. 

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