Woman killed in car crash in Harford Co.

CHURCHVILE, Md - It was one of the worst crashes anyone here has seen.

And unfortunately this spot has been the scene of plenty.

State police say at five 20 this morning 19 year old Elizabeth Wald pulled out of the intersection Rolling Road into Route 136.

Her small Saturn was hit in the driver's door by a heavy Ford work truck; neighbors knew it was bad before they even came out of the house.

 "We didn't hear no brakes just a loud boom. And when we came out the car was pushed up there against the pole and when we walked over,

That was about it." Mike Serrini says.

The impact was so hard that Wald's Saturn was pushed into a pole where the passenger side was crushed almost into the center of the car.

State Police say Wald died at the scene, the driver of the pickup suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Folks who live in the area say car crashes are almost a daily part of their lives along this stretch of Route 136

They say the road way here is dangerous.

 "You don't know when a car is gonna come up in the front yard you can see last week they came through here this track took out my mail box went up in there and went back on the road and they missed the telephone pole."

Ann Parsons has lived here more than ten years.

She says every couple of months or so there is a wreck here, in fact all five of the utility poles closest to her house have been replaced several times.

Parsons and other neighbors say they've asked the county to do something about the curves and the speeding in this stretch but she says it's still bad.

"I've tried to express to anybody I can that they've got to stop it this curve is awful this is the only curve on this road it's all straight away and when they get up their speed coming this way or the other way they're not slowing down."  Parsons says.

The driver of the work truck had only minor injuries and was treated and released.

State Police say no charges will be filed.

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