The first Gun Appreciation Day

BEL AIR, Md. (WMAR) - Jennifer Hutson is staring down the barrel for the first time.  She armed herself at Horst and McCann Gun Range in Bel Air on Saturday for the first Gun Appreciation Day.

It grew from the national debate on gun control and the one happening in Annapolis.

"The last time I checked, criminals don't follow laws.  Any laws that we're going to pass against that isn't really going to do anything and all you're going to do is impair the freedoms of an honest citizen," said Scott McCurley, who works at Horst and McCann.    

Governor Martiin O'Malley announced he wants to limit the number of rounds allowed in a magazine from 20 to 10 and stop the sale of military-style weapons.

"It seems to me if everybody learns the safe and proper way to use a gun, then things can be avoided," said Trevor Campbell, a gun advocate.    

Five-year-old Zachary Hutson is watching his parents at the range, and smiling, and looking at the zombie his mom shot

"I think with the violence on TV and video games and everything it's important for him to know that there's a reality of the situation and they can be dangerous," said Jennifer Hutson, a gun advocate.   

Del. Pat McDonough will introduce a bill called the Criminal Gun Control Act.  It would stop any offender convicted of a criminal act involving a gun from receiving any form of early release.

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